What does N2 Draft stand for?

N2 DRAFT is an independent company, who specializes in cold brew

coffee and tea, unique in Europe.

We are highly experienced in the development of nitro infused beverages and Draft filling productions.

Through years of research, trials and errors, a process of fine tuning and adjusting, we are now able to provide a perfect taste and atmosphere of crafted beverages with superior quality.

​Coffee and tea can no longer be ignored, no matter the culture.

Existing techniques have been extensively renewed and presented in a different way, but with minimal impact.

We didn’t stop there, we can now apply this to other beverages, which brings us a whole new range of possibilities.

N2 draft succeeds in these revolutionizing techniques.

Thanks to consumers enjoyment of new styles of coffee, beverages preparation and interest in trail, our company is now experiencing impressive growth.

Our mission


Event Support

A Nitro coffee & tea bar at your event is the most unique and latest new trend. Only known in trendy and worldly cities.  

Coffee & tea in draught is not yet known to the big public, but it has been gaining popularity for the past few years.  It's also a perfect alternative for alcoholic beverages.

Nitrogen-containing cold brew coffee & tea provides a thick creamy head with a velvety soft texture, during tapping it creates a waterfall effect in the glass for over two minutes, which is a real delight to the eye.

This innovative way of tapping makes N2 DRAFT a real eye-catcher, everyone wants to try it!

The advanced technique can now also be applied for other drinks and extend to delicious ready to drink cocktails, which provides a whole new range of possibilities.

The process is very ecological because the coffee & tea are made on the basis of soft brew process.

The tap is integrated into a cozy bar of or can be built into an existing bar of the customer at trade fairs all over the world.

For maximum visibility to your brand, we can customize your logo in to our led faucet holder.

Nitro Draft Product 

(available as standard for event support)

All kegs are 20 liters one way silm's, this choice is made for maximum storage capacity in the refrigerator.


Our mission as a private label beverages company is to approach brand owners, traders and distributors to help them develop their unique drinks formula in ta a nitro draft concept.

Due to a high tapping speed, lower personnel costs and a better catering service for your guests, the N2 Draft installation can save costs and increase sales.

We are happy to calculate what this innovative tap installation can deliver to your company.

Contact us quickly.

The strength of the Nitro Draft industry is small, but trending with force.

If you're looking for a small batch of test products, or if you want to see which different brews of flavor work best for you, then let us help.


The equipment needed to work with, is one  of the simple solids materials on the market.

You have to be able to cool the kegs to 2°,  so that the chilled beverages can be tapped.


Those coolers are very durable and reliable, where no expensive technicians cost is needed in the next 15 years.   


The Keg-coolers fit under your bar, but can also work as a stand-alone, they have their own condensing unit.

The dispensing can be selected according to the customer's choice. For every budget there is a solution.

color: black as hell.

White silky cream foam on surface. 

 100% coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe   

Characterized by aromatic floral notes and mild citrus acidity.

Unusually complex, delicate, sweet and elegant finish.

color: Dork cherry red.

White silky cream foam on surface. 

Flavoured fruit melange/herbal blend

     Caribbean love

An exotic fruit melange with luscious green, alluring composition of exotic, sweet pineapple, banana, mango and coconut.

color: milk chocolat.

White silky cream foam on surface. 

30% milk 70% coffee


Ready to drink concept. 

Blended with fresh milk and coffee. A perfect base to add your own aroma as popcorn, Vanilla, praline, …….

color: Light yellow infusion. 

tipical green tea

100% green tea

        Java Sencha

The Sencha originating from in an the highlands of central Java Indonesia is being steamed according to Chinese tradition.


color: Dork cherry red.

White silky cream foam on surface. 

100% fruit infuse 

        Fruit garden

Flavoured fruit mélange. Deep red dork color. Flavor of apricot, peach. A real eye catcher

color: Golden infusion, brisk and aromatic.


100% black tea blend

   Ceylon Pekoe Eliya

Fine blend from the growing area of the same name. Grown at an altitude of approx. 2,000 metres above sea level. With an exceptionally mild mountain climate. 


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